The Poogle is a hybrid cross between thepurebred Beagle and the Poodle.The Poogleshares many physical traits with its parent breeds including the coat and color variations. The Poogle’s eyes are dark, large, and round with a sad-looking expression accentuated by its medium-sized floppy ears that hang down. The Poogle’s nose is medium-sized and ranges from black to brown but harmonizes with the coat color. The Poogle can have short or medium length hair, and the coat is usually wavy to curly, like the Poodle parent’s coat. The Poogle has a strong, sturdy body with straight legs and a sickle-shaped tail with moderate feathering.

The Poogle is an active, family friendly dog that loves its people. They are hearty and enjoy the company of active children. The alertness and vocal natures make then excellent watchdogs, but they are also affectionate and curious with strangers. The pack breed mentality of the Beagle parent makes this hybrid a friendly toward other dogs and even the family cat but the one track, prey mind may them aggressive towards small animals outside of the family pets. The Poogle can be a little stubborn but with patience, plenty of mental stimulation, and consistent training, the Poogle makes for an excellent companion.

Hypoallergic: Yes Life Span: 12-15 years Size: Medium
Height: 06-16 Inch Weight: 11-25 Pounds

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